AudioCodes devices

We can add this device, the C450HD, to your Phone System in Office 365 with both the Skype for Business software and the native Teams software.
AudioCodes devices can also be added to our management system and we provide monitoring and firmware management. These devices are also added to our Network Operation Center by default so you'll have no worries.

Analog Integration

Adding analog devices to Teams is also possible. This way you can use an intercom or a DECT handy even further.
By extension you can also link an existing telephone exchange to your cloud Teams Phone System.

Mobile Phone Integration

The conversation does not end once you are in the office. Now you can seamlessly continue the conversation with your Plantronics Elara mobile phone docking station and further collaborate your way with headset, speakerphone and handset options. So, whether you receive a call on your mobile phone or via Teams, you can always continue working conveniently.

  • Mobile design
  • Charging options for mobile phones with and without cord
  • Headset integration
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Optional handset
  • Special Microsoft Teams button
  • Cortana speech recognition button
  • Supports advanced headset functions
  • Display plate for smartphone
  • Stream media