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Understanding your customer communication helps your agents to optimize your service and customer experience.
Web chat, social media channels and mobile communication are rapidly taking over the role of traditional telephony within customer service.
To enable organizations to be of optimum service to their customers through all communication channels, we install and manage Anywhere365.
This platform offers organizations of all sizes intelligent communication and dialogue management tools, on-premise or from the cloud.
With this we have advanced, flexible and fully-fledged contact center facilities at much lower costs than regular, static contact center solutions.
With Anywhere365, organizations are available 24/7 for their customers, via every channel.
The new generation of communication services are rapidly replacing traditional contact centers, receptions and telephone exchanges worldwide.
With the timeline we visualize with whom the correspondent has spoken, from taking the call to transferring and ending the call.
The agent can respond better to the customer's request because he / she has everything at hand.
The agent can better optimize its own processes, because this information is easily available through the latest agent routing, etc., eliminating long menu options.
By streamlining this process, customers are served much faster, resulting in higher customer satisfaction!
The Anywhere 365 platform has very extensive functionalities and also integrates with your CRM application.