The end users often have very personal wishes and that is why we can assist you in choosing the right headset. We have demo cases at our disposal to experience it personally and to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.
We also provide extra services such as monitoring the use of the headsets and also assist you with the maintenance of the firmware and software for these devices.

  • Wireless or wired
  • Over the head, behind your ear, behind your neck
  • Couple with one device or several such as with your mobile phone
  • Ear cups or ear cuchions
  • Single ear or double ear
  • Bluetooth, USB, audio jack
  • Wireless dect to cover a greater distance
  • With or without noise reduction
  • Poly, Jabra, Sennheiser

Desk phones

Poly and Microsoft have long been working together on high-quality video solutions that make your Microsoft meetings more productive. Because you can connect your devices with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and built-in Microsoft video conferencing equipment, Poly solutions and services are particularly suitable for all types of meetings.